To Vegas and Beyond

Just got back from Las Vegas. Kind of a kitschy kind of place to spend a holiday season according to some….but I go there every year and find it to be great fun! Stayed at the Orleans and Cris went with me this time….really good food at the hotel and we had a great room. Brad asked me to gamble $5 for him on slots and we won $130 on his $5…pretty exciting stuff. My parents are great, as fun as ever and my mum made me all these new scarves and hats for the cold Canadian winters. I’ll add in some pics later.

Went to Hoover Dam and experienced the entire spectrum of human personality. We had a tour guide that must have come from the Billy Shatner School of Tour Guidism, a old disgruntled ex-military guy who told us to take our pictures and get the hell out before we became a security problem….ands lastly a cool guy who told jokes about having to walk through two states on the tour. While the damn dam was impressive; I found the first glimpse you get of Lake Mead to be the most beautiful. All that gorgeous water amidst the backdrop of the desert mountains was amazing.

The trip back was difficult. I’m sure some of you heard about Comair having a computer foul-up that cancelled/delayed a bunch of flights. Ours was delayed and did not allow us enough time to make our connection. We had to stay in Cincinnati which I have dubbed The Customer Service Capitol of the World. We were treated like a total inconvenience by practically every service person there. My first truly bad experience in Ohio. DELTA AIRLINES!!! YOU SUCK!!!!! Oh yeah, and Cris almost got beat up by some rednecks that accused him of stealing 35 cents out of their bin at the security checkpoint.

The earthquake/tsunamis that took place in Asia on Sunday are just so hard to believe. Please donate some money to aid the people affected by this terrible tradgedy. click here to choose and organization and donate Also you can donate to the red cross through….if you already have an account with them it’s as easy as 123. American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund It’s up to us to help bring this world together. The disaster in Asia is everyone’s responsibility so please give as much as you can.

All the best in 2005 and beyond.


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