Where it all Began

Kevin Quickle had this picture on his website. Ah…..the old days of the band Lobelia!

C’etait Corey Bicanich (guitar), Takashi Chiba Matsuhashi (bass), Moi (guitar and vocals), et Kevin Quickle (drummer extraordinaire)

Wow, we had so much fun in those days. Playing in dives where the floor was sticky and drinking bad beer out of plastic cups…..my Yum, yum, Yum that I used to play through my pickup….the vibrator that we used on the strings of our guitars to make noise during “I’m”….all the lore attached to the name Lobelia that people would share with us after shows and to all the great bands that we played with…..Sandra Black, Lester James and the White Flames, The Frampton Brothers, Granny’s 12 Gauge, Sugarrush, Moon…..and so many others…I miss you guys!!!!!

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    Oh, and look! I had hair!

  2. Hi! This is Corey Bicanich from the now defunk’d band Lobelia. I sometimes check in on things at lobelia.net just to see how yr doing. Funny to see that old photo up here of the band and listen to some of the old Lobelia tunes. Hi Kevin! Ko-neeshy-wha Takashi. I’ve also noticed the Sabo thing. That’s kinda cute. I like it. OK – I’ve finally gotten over the raging depression I had following the fascist take-over here in d’Etas Unis, but not the anger, and certainly not the Fear. I am trying to put together a new band here in Mo-town ever since I quit Sandra Black Sabbath. I’ve been working like a bitch. This damn having to work thing SUCKS! So, thought I’d go back to banging on my guitar. We’ll see… last guy tried to talk to me about getting back into rock and roll really had me pissed. Anywayz, here’s a shout out to everything Canadian… Whiskey, Hockey Pucks, B.C.*, and soon maybe something else I love. I’m eating my heart out for British Honduras, YABBA YABBA YABBA. C-Ya! 🙂

  3. Corey! Great to hear from you! I recently got a letter from the old drummer from Thickhead Grin. Remember them? He’s movin to Motown and looking to get involved with some local musicians. Let me know if you are interested in contacting him. Hope everything else is well. Glad to hear you’re getting back into music! Write again soon.

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