Any fan of Tolkien’s novels from The Hobbit to the The Return of the King…will tell you that there is some kind of sadness involved in reading his work because Tolkien is no longer with us to write. I finished a Neil Gaiman book today called Stardust. This novel gives me that same feeling yet also a joy that Neil Gaiman is still very much alive and writing. What a brilliant novel! It continually impresses me how he can pack a whole new world into so few pages. As one of my English professors once said…”Your essay should be as the length of a lady’s skirt; Long enough to cover the subject, yet short enough to hold interest. Well, Neil Gaiman can hold my interest (or my skirt) anytime.

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  1. murderysmurf says: -#1

    What a coinkeedink, I’m reading American Gods right now. Sadly, I own 3 copies of Stardust and have yet to finish it. I will e-mail you to catch up some time soon but have been kinda King Fiddlesticks when it comes to writing e-mails lately. Hmmf!

  2. American Gods was fabulous! Very innovative novel. I read that a couple of months ago. Miss you lots! Looking forward to the catch up e-mail. Shoot me a quick note with your new number and I will give you a call some evening.

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