The Physical, Dishes, Kids and a Vial of Urine

I spent the first part of the morning getting a yearly physical which consisted of some poking and prodding and then standing around waiting for a nurse for 45 minutes with a vial of urine in my pocket.

I took off from there to go exchange some broken dishes from Sears which they had reordered for me (45 mins by bus and metro). When I got there of course the dishes had mistakenly been sent to Ottawa…because Ottawa is where all bad broken dishes from Sears go to die. I bought a new blue fuzzy hat and wore it home to make myself feel better.

I was thinking when I was waiting at the clinic this morning and there were all these children running around screaming, yelling and rolling around on the floor, how non-maternal I am. My sister looks at this kind of child behavior and thinks it’s cute…she would be laughing along with the children. It makes my uncomfortable and I start wondering why the parents don’t seem to care that Johnny has just bashed his sister’s head into the wall and is now shoving pebbles up his nose. As I was waiting in the corridor this same little boy started climbing on some boxes that were precariously stacked. I told him not to climb them because he would get hurt and he started crying and ran to tell him mother that the giant mean lady holding the vial of pee-pee told him no. The mother did one of those too-close brush by maneuvers on her way past and gave me a dirty look. I guess the next time I should just let Darwinism have its way?

I’ve heard all the child-bearing propaganda over the years….phrases such as “It’s different when they are your own” and “You’ll understand once you have children” blah blah blah. It’s just not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a child hater and I don’t eat babies…but whatever that instinct that people have that tells them having children is the next logical step in their lives didn’t happen to me. That window never opened. Perhaps it’s like some of the other windows in my brain; painted shut.

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