Quicken 2005 Sucks

The following is a scathing email that I sent to intuit today in regards to Quicken 2005…
I wasted my money by buying the 2005 version. I’m sure I’m not the first to complain that not allowing us to import qif files to checking and savings accounts is an absurd addition to the new version of quicken. Users are complaining about this all over the net. I have a small bank in a rural area of the US and have no intentions of changing my account to someone who is Quicken compliant as per your suggestions. Sounds like you are trying to force customers as well as financial institutions to comply with your software design or be locked out. Don’t you think this is an unfair trade practice? Why not offer both qif downloads and OFX and QFX formats? Eventually technology will catch up with our financial institutions and they will comply with the new format. Until then it seems we are stuck with software that is useless to us. I’m very unhappy and will make sure to express my displeasure to anyone else who might be thinking of buying your product. Kudos on getting my money for a product that will sit on the shelf unused. I wish I had read the 93 amazon.com reviews before I purchased as 68 people gave you 1 star out of 5. (Don’t get too excited, the worst is 1)

The idea in updating products is to make software better and more usable for the clients. In a perfect world, everyone would move a bit faster in updating technologically speaking….However does anyone really expect my little TINY bank in WV to change the whole format of their online banking….(which by the way hasn’t existed for that long) because Quicken says so? That’s a bunch of crap if you ask me! (to use the technical vernacular)

additionally, they have stopped updating prior versions of the product in order to try and coerce (force) their customers to buy the new version. Can you imagine the pistivity of those customer who bought the new version only to realize that they can’t use it?????

Bad Intuit, BAD! You deserve a serious spanking! Often and from someone who knows how!

I’m not alone!
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