Swiss Pics and Nonsensical Ramblings for Thursday

Swiss Pics and Nonsensical Ramblings for Thursday
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Hi there. This particular blog post may be cursed…as this is now the 3rd time I’ve attempted to post it. For such an insignificant piece of drivel…I can’t imagine that the universe is conspiring against me so I must chalk it up to microsuck. I even saved the last version in a gmail draft only to find it too had mysteriously disappeared after my mozilla crashola. Wheeeeeeeeee! Anyhoo, I’m trying again. Apparently, I am determined to share my mindless meandering today.

The pics from Switzerland and France this year are merely lovely. Not interesting like last year’s silhouettes of cows and castles. It seems as if I am bored of beautiful spaces. This isn’t true of course but I didn’t feel the need for constant snapping this time ’round….but really enjoyed the scenery like an old friend.

Giselle and Pierre Vorpe….Cris’s Swiss cousins. We were on a hike to see the Saut Du Doubs. You start in Switzerland and hike about an hour in….(very easy hike…not very steep at all) and at some point cross over into France. The water was very we had seen a lot of flooding this time in Switzerland. They had so much snow this year that when it melted it caused lots of high water.

Ha! I’ve taken this path many times. However, the sign wasn’t so obvious.

Beautiful Locarno in the Italian part of Switzerland. Very laid back…great food, great merlot. The least expensive area in Switzerland…the hotels and food are reasonable although the service is substandard in comparison. I had a risotto in Bellinzona the first night that was so good it almost made me cry. Considering my propensity to cry at restuarants….I can see you’re not surprised, shocked, stunned, or even slightly amazed. FINE! I’m moving on. (and ending a sentence with a preposition…SO THERE! That’ll teach you!)

Madonna Del Sasso. This was my favorite place we visited on this trip. Read more about it here. It was quite a steep hike to get to it…but so worth it. I’m not usually that impressed by churches but there is something really special about this place. I felt really calm for the first time in months here. After the last 6 months of tragedy and worry…this was a welcome respite from my troubles. I lit a candle for Corey here. I’m not Catholic or even especially religious…but it made me feel happy to think of a candle burning for him in one of the most beautiful spaces on earth.

The Madonna Del Sasso overlooking gorgeous Locarno and Lake Maggiore.

We took the 12sf garish Nestle’s Ice Cream boat to Evian for some free water. Go figure. Next to us on the boat was a really over the top French guy with the largest digital camera I’d ever seen and an equally large ash on the end of his cigarette. This is the guy the host is chasing around at the part with an ashtray under his chin. Additionally, he kept phoning up all his friends and saying…”Guess where I am?” His 2nd favorite phrase was “C’est pas vrai!” We saw him later in Evian getting beat up by 12 elderly ladies in purple overcoats. Not really. Just seeing if you were still paying attention.

This is the famous Evian fountain where everyone comes to get free water. I was being scowled at the entire time by an old lady with hot pink hair. Did you ever notice that people with pink hair tend to scowl a lot? I would think having such a festive color on your head would carry over into mood and disposition. Instead it seems to have the opposite effect. I feel an inane research project on the horizon!

Ouchy…near Lausanne. My favorite town in Switzerland. I’ve affectionately renamed it Oucheee. It’s as if they named these towns just to make me laugh. On the train from Bern to Lausanne there are some really great names. My favorite being….Palezeuix. (Pas les yeux).


After I fell in from the evil Eurovirus….Cris did a lot of exploring on his own. As he was out taking pics one day…he nearly stumbled over this guy. I love the look on Mr. Swan’s face. He maintains a look of curiosity while also seeming to imply that he’s about 2 seconds away from take a large bite out of Cris’s dangly bits. Ahhhhhhhhh….swans. White……Majestic……..Evil.

This is Geneva at sunset. You can see the famous Mont Blanc lighted in pink behind the nearer mountains. Oh, BTW. You can walk now.

I had better try to post this now. Hope you enjoyed it!



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