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Hi lovelies. Thanks for all the feedback on this! So last night I got an email fom Lou P. the artist relations manager for sonicbids. He was very nice despite the very harsh terminology I used in my post. He said that they were going to look in to the 5 opportunities that I’d applied for and get back to me within a few days. I’ll keep you up to date. I’ve gone back and tried to read some stuff from the previous day, doing more research for facts and figures… and have found that some of the things I read on various forums are no longer there. Hmmm…very curious. Please feel free to share your stories good or bad about sonicbids as I think they’re listening.


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  1. Fuhrmanator says: -#1

    Here I go again making comparisons with my other activities… I’m on a couple of “dating sites” and I can’t help but think that sonicbids is kind of a matchmaking service between musicians and places that book them, right? So, the theory goes with any kind of matchmaking service, that if they work too well, nobody will need them anymore… They would work themselves out of a job, right?

    Some people on dating sites complain that there are more men then women (or vice versa), or that all the men/women have kids, or are smokers, or “separated” and not really single, or (I can go on…). Some dating sites allow out-dated profiles of users to stay visible, so that when new people sign up (or try it out), they get the impression there is a lot of potential for interesting matches. There’s a lot of marketing going on! In some ways it’s bad, because it’s misleading. But in other ways, if they don’t attract anyone to the site, there’s no potential for anyone to win.

    Maybe my comparison is nonsense, so I’ll shut up now.

  2. HAHA, Hi Cris. Hmmmm….yeah, probably not the same thing but I enjoyed reading your comment! 🙂 There is one point I could make about what you wrote. I do believe that musicans on sonicbids have no right to be upset if they are not chosen for opportunities just like someone would have no right to be upset on a dating site if they don’t attract anyone. That’s certainly not my issue with sonicbids. My issue is they didn’t seem to be doing their job well, and other technology has replaced the need for them at this point I believe. Hope you’re well lovely!

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