Pay What You Want; Live in Nebraska on Bandcamp!

<a href="">Happy by Steve Lawson and Lobelia</a>

Steve has just about put the finishing touches on our Live In Nebraska Album on Bandcamp.  This has been just about sold out since we made it (and we did make lots of copies!) but now you’ll be able to pay what you want for this amazing CD.  It’s truly one of the best recordings I’ve ever been a part of….partly due to it being the last show on our US tour that year and us playing really well….and partly due to the amazing Dan Kane at Power Base Studio really knowing how to capture live sound.  It also doesn’t hurt that his studio is perfect either. (It’s only $500/US per diem, you really should go and record there sometime!)  We’ve never played the song Rain like this since.  It’s breathtaking.
So download like crazy, share with your friends.  Pass it on and let us know what you think!  xo Steve and Lo.