Desert Island Foods

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Since my post on quinoa last week, I’ve been thinking about which foods are most important to me in terms of nutrition.  This led me to start thinking about what my top 5 desert island foods would be. While most ‘desert island’ lists are made for pleasure,  I suppose this list would have to contain carefully thought out items that would help one to survive.  Let’s start out by assuming that this island has lots of clean fresh water.  My five foods would then be…

1. Oranges – oranges have been a lifesaver for me…they are a natural antihistimine and I use chewable vitamin C to stave off allergy attacks.  Since I’ve been using them for this purpose, I also find that I get sick a lot less often as well.

2. quinoa– as we talked about in my quinoa post…this is pretty much a complete protein.

3. ginger– wouldn’t do much for calories, but the anti-inflammatory and medicinal uses as well as the seasoning options got this on to my list.

4. sweet potatoes – nice carbs, lots of vitamin A, and such a versatile food.

5. chickpeas– high in iron, calcium, folate, and trace minerals.  One of those foods that could keep you alive for a long time!

My list is also targeted at foods that can be ground into flour.  Quinoa, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes are all items that can made into nutritious flour.  That would leave us even more options for versatility.

(so what comfort food could I not live without??? it’s hard for me to decide between chocolate and cheese really…cheese is my guilty pleasure.  I’ve had to live without it many times in my life due to allergies, and since the birth of my son I can eat it again. Hooray!  )

What are your desert island foods?

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  1. Aww, you used my photo! Thank you! Nice to see it still doing the rounds!

    I think my comfort food would be good quality fresh bread. I know it’s essentially useless nutritionally, but I still love it!

  2. (Oh, and I realise my comfort food isn’t really appropriate for your circumstances, but I still love it, sorry!)

  3. Mmmm….bread! Now that we have genius bread (which is a fantastic wf bread) I can be less jealous that you get to eat proper bread Thom! 😉 Thanks for posting and for the delightful photos!

  4. I’m glad to hear you don’t have to miss out on bread! How does making it w/f affect the texture/taste?

  5. My 5? Rice, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Pineapple and cashew nuts, i think – not utterly convinced of how balanced a diet it would be, but it’d be pretty damn tasty, and I think I’ve got most of the major food groups covered, if not the trace elephants… do I get to forage for herbs and shiz?

    My comfort food would actually be a drink – coffee. nomnomnomslurp.


  6. mmmm…coffeee. Lets have some of that now!!! We’ll try the coffee what we were given recently! 😉

    A good list Steve. Cashew nuts? I had no idea they would be in your top foods and I’m married to you. Especially since there’s been a bag in the kitchen for 2 weeks now and you’ve not touched it. Did you not know it was there? Should I not have mentioned it so I could save it for myself?

    Well, I don’t know why you’d want to forage for shiz, but herbs, of course!

  7. Cashews is more for their completeness and how they make me feel. When my diet is good, I don’t need them. On tour I often eat them to stay alive 😀

    Coffee? good planz

  8. heya Minifig,

    Yeah, wheat-free gluten -free bread used to be atrocious. It was grainy and fell apart easily or it was dense as a brick. They’re getting much better and now there’s a product called Genius bread. It’s a bit lighter than conventional sliced wheat bread but is perfect for sandwiches and you can even make a summer pudding with it! Some of the free-from range from Sainsbury’s are also quite good. The Pita bread is great when heated but dry and boring right out of the pkg. When I went off wheat almost 4 years ago…there was very little on offer for us…now it increases every day. Even a couple places in town now where I can have PIzza!

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