Flaxjacks at Borough Market!

We happened to be tooling around Borough Market near London Bridge on Saturday and saw a sign for Flaxjacks (a product developed by The Flax Farm…lovely flapjacks made with ground linseed meal.  Now normally flapjacks are not gluten-free…only wheat-free as one of their main ingredient is oats.  Enter the Flax Farm.  I chatted with the lovely Clare to get to know a little more about the healthful benefits to both humans and animals as well as its diverse uses in cooking.

I remember flax oil (or linseed oil) from my childhood.  My parents used it when refinishing furniture.  The smell brings back pleasant memories of  stripped down furniture waiting to be redressed. 🙂 Until I studied nutrition at university, I had never really thought of using flax seed oil for it’s nutritive qualities.  I came across it a lot in my research on anti-inflammatory foods…though it’s not been a substance I’ve used much due to it’s strong flavour.  But when I tried these Flaxjacks from the Flax Farm, I realised what I’d been missing!  Gorgeous sweets that really make you feel good, and finally something for the wheat, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan!  For yes, Clare has also developed a range of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan flaxjacks as well.  YAY us!

So, I’m now hooked and think I’m going to try and replace my normal wheat-free sweet treats with Flaxjacks and see how much better I feel in future.  I’ll let you know!  In the meantime, please go have a sample for yourself, visit Clare and her team every Saturday in the new covered Jublee Market nearest the Rake public house, or make an order online here. The Chocolate Tiffin ones were my favourite, and I’m sure that Clare has also developed a gluten-free version as well. Let me know what you think and if you’re an avid user of linseed oil or flaxseed products and if you’ve experienced any health benefits from your use of them.  Eat well and be happy!

I’ll leave you with a fantastic pic taken by my lovely friend and amazing photographer/videographer Brian Wilson.  You can see some of his video work here (this is from the house concert we did at his place this year)…..have a gander/listen while you’re enjoying your flaxjacks!!

If you’d like to order Flaxjacks by phone, call Clare at: 01403 268844 or 079171 232422

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  1. We have a link to Flaxjacks on our web site and we did an article about the use of Linseed Oil, in one of our Newsletters, have you seen all our other links?.
    Have added some of the restaurants with GF Menus to our web site, also will be adding Vegetarian Dahl for next month.
    Keep searching

  2. Hi Don! Thanks for the response….yes I had a good look around your site a few weeks ago and there is so much wonderful info there! I saw the link page but hadn’t clocked the Flaxjack’s link. So glad that you already know about them. Clare was such a lovely lady…it’s nice to know there are people out there creating such wonderful products for us and out and about in the community on a regular basis.

    So happy you’ll be using the Veggie Dahl recipe and have added some of the restaurants as well. If you get a nice afternoon to cook, you should try my Spicy Sweet Potato Stew with GF Dumplings. I think it’s the best recipe that I’ve developed so far and one that will definitely make it into my cookbook if I ever finish writing it!

    Take care of yourself and hope to hear from you again soon.

  3. MMMhmmm your veggie dahl sounds yummers!

  4. Ross Wilson says: -#1

    Flax Farm linseed is my favourite. It always tastes good.

  5. It does indeed Ross! I had some in my oatmeal this morning! Yummy! 😀 Thanks for commenting.

  6. It is quite delicious and so easy on those nights where you really don’t have a lot of time to cook! Thanks for your comment! 😀

  7. Must give these a try…..and get myself down to Borough Market. I’ve got a bag of gluten free oats in the cupboard so time to experiment….

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