I’m often asked to review products on one of my blogs or give an opinion. I turn down most companies, mainly because I believe in clean, healthy food. It’s the kind of food we planted and harvested on the farm in West Virginia where I grew up, and the kind of food I prepare for […]

Have you heard of Sugru? It’s this amazing self-setting rubber that comes in tonnes of amazing colours! Steve came home with large packet of it after a conference around 4 months ago. The first thing I though was…wow! I’ll bet that would be great for setting stones! And of course…it is! This particular necklace has […]

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Hi there lovelies! I have to say it’s been a long time since I’ve played an open mic night…but I haven’t played out at all in Birmingham yet and this one was suggested by my good bass playing friend Kev (Reg) Cooke. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was certainly one of the […]

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This is one of my favourite recipes, and I find myself craving this when I feel as if I am coming down with a cold.  You can adjust the spices to your taste. Some people prefer more cumin and less cinnamon, or more heat.  It’s a very forgiving recipe so feel free to play!  Don’t […]

Since my post on quinoa last week, I’ve been thinking about which foods are most important to me in terms of nutrition.  This led me to start thinking about what my top 5 desert island foods would be. While most ‘desert island’ lists are made for pleasure,  I suppose this list would have to contain […]

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American born Lobelia isn’t just your typical singer-songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist who worked as a studio musician for 10+ years, she has won multiple awards for her songwriting, has been featured in Billboard Magazine, and was one of the original Women of MP3.COM in the early days of the Internet. In the UK for 10+ years now, she hosts several acclaimed songwriter nights at Tower of Song, shortlisted by the PRS as one of Birmingham’s best small venues. She can sometimes be seen performing with celebrated solo? bassist, Steve Lawson. (aka Mr. Lo)An advocate for sustainable touring, she travels the world performing at house concerts and small venues.