Hi lovelies. Thanks for all the feedback on this! So last night I got an email fom Lou P. the artist relations manager for sonicbids. He was very nice despite the very harsh terminology I used in my post. He said that they were going to look in to the 5 opportunities that I’d applied […]

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I was reading through old posts this morning and thought this one was worth rerevisiting.  Met al. 😉 This was posted anonymously on “A la Gauche: Political News and Commentary from the Far Left” (which you should read) Okay, so I was home alone with this new toy, thinking to myself that it couldn’t be […]

Heeeeeeeellllooooooooooo! So glad you’re here! Now………..SURF! 🙂 Feel free to drop us a line or comment to tell us what you think of our new do! In other news, I picked up a copy of the new Dave Martel record today. He’s so effin’ good it hurts. He’s Dave Martel and he loves you. So […]

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Hi all! For a limited time, my album 040515 will be available as a FAN EXCLUSIVE at Reverbnation. What this means is that you can download it for free by signing up for the mailing list and becoming a fan! And you can do that all from this post!!!! Just sign up for the mailing […]

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Hi lovelies! I’ve been working on a few new pages at squidoo. The revenue from these pages goes to benefit the Aids Research Alliance so I’d really apprecited it if you’d visit! The first is called…. Wheat Allergy, Grain Intolerance and My Struggle to Stop Fearing Foodand the second is..Lobelia is Afraid of the Dark […]

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American born Lobelia isn’t just your typical singer-songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist who worked as a studio musician for 10+ years, she has won multiple awards for her songwriting, has been featured in Billboard Magazine, and was one of the original Women of MP3.COM in the early days of the Internet. In the UK for 10+ years now, she hosts several acclaimed songwriter nights at Tower of Song, shortlisted by the PRS as one of Birmingham’s best small venues. She can sometimes be seen performing with celebrated solo? bassist, Steve Lawson. (aka Mr. Lo)An advocate for sustainable touring, she travels the world performing at house concerts and small venues.