Hi there. Happy 4th to all my American Comrades. Went to a 4th of July cookout at Noelle and Sebastien’s place and it was very fun. Thanks for the invite guys! On Saturday, Brad and I attended the Ron Sexsmith show at the Spectrum. It was as usual, completely awesome. The opener was a band […]

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It’s been a while since I posted….I’ve been so busy. It seems strange to say that I have been doing nothing but writing and playing music and I have absolutely no time left in the day for anything else. Everything seems to be happening at once and it’s great! I’m getting some terrific hits on […]

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wow! check out this cool vintage keyboard that Dan aquired for the studio. the piano tuner came today and worked on it a bit and it sounds great through the Marshall! A bit more recording tomorrow and then home James!

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It’s not all work here at the studio….we try to have as much fun as possible.We went to Omaha on Friday night to go out with some friends…it was a blast and I have to say I overindulged in alchoholic delights. I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. 😛 Last night we went to […]

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Haven’t signed anything yet but spent the afternoon going over some details. Looks like an exciting week all the way ’round. Emma-Lee met 50 Cent and I’m sure that something equally exciting happened to Elle. It’s in the stars dahling.

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American born Lobelia isn’t just your typical singer-songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist who worked as a studio musician for 10+ years, she has won multiple awards for her songwriting, has been featured in Billboard Magazine, and was one of the original Women of MP3.COM in the early days of the Internet. Now living in the UK after a 7 year stint in Montreal, she hosts several acclaimed songwriter nights at Tower of Song, Birmingham’s best small music venue. An advocate for sustainable touring, she travels the world performing at house concerts and small venues.