OK, so I finally discovered that somehow my webspace was limiting itself to 50mb, which threw it into total chaos mode…thinking it was 512% over capacity. With that fixed it will now take 2 hours before I can re FTP the files so the front page of my site looks a little funny. Funny haha […]

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Help get great indie artists onto Canadian radio! Read about it and sign the petition!!!!

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The following is a scathing email that I sent to intuit today in regards to Quicken 2005…I wasted my money by buying the 2005 version. I’m sure I’m not the first to complain that not allowing us to import qif files to checking and savings accounts is an absurd addition to the new version of […]

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According to my web stats….I had over 300 hits on my site this month from people looking for information on Grave’s Disease. Search phrases like:sadness graves disease financial help with children who have graves disease will my anxiety go when I have rai treatment It really makes me sad to think of all the people […]

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We had a direct flight from Montreal to Zurich. The gate was in a part of the Montreal airport which I have never seen and which reminded me of an old school. It looked as if it was built in the 60’s or 70’s and never updated. (Bitchy rant #1)Coach class was being handled by […]

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American born Lobelia isn’t just your typical singer-songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist who worked as a studio musician for 10+ years, she has won multiple awards for her songwriting, has been featured in Billboard Magazine, and was one of the original Women of MP3.COM in the early days of the Internet. Now living in the UK after a 7 year stint in Montreal, she hosts several acclaimed songwriter nights at Tower of Song, Birmingham’s best small music venue. An advocate for sustainable touring, she travels the world performing at house concerts and small venues.