Your replies to this blog are still visible. Actually, we were all fighting over nothing as I was misinformed. W was not even in Montreal…my blame was placed on the wrong person although it was meant more for the amusement of my close friends. I got a new title out of it at the very least. 🙂


The Not Very Smart Misinformed Charlatan Blame Placer


  1. Let me get this straight… You were inconvenienced because an important world leader was in your town, therefore George Bush is evil?

    Odd that you make fun of President Bush’s pronunciation of subliminal and nuclear, yet you seem to be unable to spell the words “propaganda” and “aggression” even with benefit of a spell-checker. I’d love to see how you’d look with the scrutiny of every camera in the free (and not-so-free) world pointed in your direction. I suspect you don’t speak fluently 100% of the time.

    Also, you seem to be shouting from atop your Canadian ivory tower, critiquing President Bush’s economic policy. I wonder… do you have a degree in economics? George W. Bush has an undergraduate degree from Yale and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. Wouldn’t it be great if President Bush could decide economic policy by just taking a couple ignorant pot shots at someone he doesn’t agree with? Exactly who are you to offer criticism? Some apparently ex-citizen of the United States? You don’t even live here. How can you even pretend to care? And don’t even try to pretend that you moved to Canada because of George Bush. Not even the Baldwin brothers have that convenience.

    I just want to call you out for what you are: A wannabe pop star who’s on that “it’s hip to call Republicans pigs” bandwagon. I wish you luck with that venture, but keep in mind there are plenty of hip people in the world who see small minded folk like you for what you are.

    You are a Charlatan. You’re not very smart. And you’re wrong. By the way, well over half of this nation thinks people like you are morons, so basically, when the four years are up, feel free to stay where you are. Now, go practice your dance moves. Do you have a video?

  2. Hi there Downtown

    Thanks for your comments. You have me completely pegged. As a matter of fact, you know me so well I suspect we have shared more than just this special moment together. I may have neglected to use spell check, I may not be very smart; and it is quite certain that I’m a Charlatan. However, I really, really just do not like George Bush. I think he has no business running the country of which I am still a citizen. I do care about my country and I hope to return someday. I don’t think republicans are pigs. I would vote republican if I felt the candidate was a good leader. All of this I don’t really need to explain. If anyone is jumping up on a soapbox or standing in an ivory tower it is you. You have attempted to insult me and belittle me over something I posted on my own website. I find this funny. I suggest you find something better to do with your Friday nights. Have a drink in a small town with a girl you haven’t seen in ten years and leave us wanna be pop stars to our terrible spelling and even more terrible dance moves. After all, according to you I ain’t got much else. Good luck.

  3. Wow, Downtown! It’s downright patriotic of you to bash Lobelia’s freedom of speech in her own domain. I suppose I must preface the following statement with the disclosure “tongue firmly planted in cheek”…do you honestly think W. doesn’t have the ability to laugh at himself? I mean…he’d have to really…and I’m sure he doesn’t need Mr. Downtown Ivory Tower defending him, but thanks all the same. (exit stage left whistling Dixie.)

    American. Canadian too *gasp!* Smart Woman with two, count ’em, two degree’s. Business Owner. Damn Fine Dancer. Believer in Freedom. Believer in Truth. Justice. And the American Way. (Unless my rights are taken away and the good ole U.S of A. becomes a church run country.)

    PS: By the way, just under half of this nation thinks people like you are morons. (Did I say that outloud?) Ready for a dance off?

    PPS: Who gives a crap if Lobelia didn’t spell some words correctly? As long as she can pronounce them.

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