Ron Sexsmith Show

Wow. It was a great show last night at the Cabaret. The opening act was Sarah Slean She had a great hour long set despite some equipment troubles. Go to her site and check her out!

Ron was as always great. I think I like him so much because his songwriting is always surprising to me, it’s not predictable and there is a sincerity in his demeanor that just blows me away. He was having a bout with laryngitis but still managed to give a great performance. The guys in his band are amazing and they really seem to all feed off one another. I came away from the show feeling great….went to bed singing “Not About to Lose” and work up singing “Cheap Hotel”. I was hoping to hear that song last night but didn’t. They played it on last years tour so I figured they would not play it this time ’round.

Here are some photos from last night….hard to get a decent pic not using a flash and without a tripod.

Enjoy! Thanks to Elle for being such great company.

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