Pantera Guitarist Shot and Killed at Show

Fuckin’ guns. GRRRRRRRR….I get so angry that people can just walk into a gig and shoot someone….in Columbus Ohio of all places. People run around shooting other people like they’re playing Quake or Doom or something. It makes me sick to my stomach. If you want to go out and shoot a deer for something to eat more power to you…but HANDGUNS should be ILLEGAL. These days it seems people buy handguns specifically to protect themselves from other people with handguns. It’s a never ending cycle of violence. Darrell Abbot was only 38 years old. What a waste.

Yahoo News Article

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  1. Living in Columbus, this tragedy does have one upside for me. I can go to bars and be left completely alone by simply donning a Pantera t-shirt first. I’ve sent lots of applications to the people at Mad Magazine in hopes of becoming a new writer for their “Lighter Side” segments, but I never hear a word.

    Typing of lighter sides, a GARGANTUAN congrats on the VH1 contest!!! It makes me proud and a bit emotional to think of your successes.

    Oh, I’ve got a new website, gurl. Check it:

    I’ll expect new and wonderful accolades next time I check up on you. Smooches!


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