My New Favourite Band; Dodds, Lawson, and Wood

Lordy me. I can’t stop raving about how FANTASTIC this trio is. All you naysayers asbout improvised music may have to eat your hats after hearing Dodds, Lawson and Wood. As one of of Steve’s 8 year old fans said in a note to him. “This is grate! I’ve never herd enyting this good!”

First, take world class drummer Roy Dodds, who has played with the likes of Eddie Reader, Jacqui Dankworth, Theo Travis and many more…Couple that with solo-bassist extraordinaire Steve Lawson, (yes, so I’m married to him but I’d still think he was brilliant even if I wasn’t 🙂 and then the icing on the triple-layer cake Patrick Wood, who in my opinion is a total genius. His sense of melody and sub-melody are unsurpassed. My problem with many Rhodes players is the fact that they just try to solo constantly and Patrick ALWAYS gives the song just what it needs….indeed all these guys are like that. The chemistry between them makes for a trio of imrovised music that sounds like SONGS. Brilliant melodic songs. Each time you go to see them it’s a new creation just for you, and not to be repeated. Perfect heartfelt swirling ambient goodness. Mmm mmm good AND good for you too!

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