Good Lord and Live So Far Album!

My goodness, I have NOT been a good blogger since Baby Flapjack was born! Whilst you would have thought that a lot of our music would have suffered after having a baby…we managed to do a tour and record a new live album in the process! We played with some of my favourite musicians…such as Todd Reynolds and Neil Alexander and the whole experience of touring with a baby was amazing and difficult and humbling all at the same time. We realised how lucky we are to have a baby who thrives on new people and new situations, and how the help of wonderful friends along they way is indispensable. So please check out Live So Far and Steve’s posting on it is here. It’s pay what you want, or rather what you think it’s worth…and no matter what, we just want you to have a copy of it! Also there is a BEAUTIFUL live video, shot by Brian Wilson using 2 Canon 5D Mark 2’s and and another fixed camera. More news soon, I promise!

<a href="">I&#8217;m Lost (Featuring Todd Reynolds) by Steve Lawson</a>

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