New Album, Songs for Donna, Ye Olde American Tour and Greenbelt 2011

Hi there Lovelies! It’s been a while and I am trying desperately to get back on track with blogging as there is tonnes and tonnes of amazing stuff going on of late! Firstly with the help of my lovely friends Emma and Donna..we were able to get the Song for Donna compilation up and running and what an AMAZING bunch of songs to be had, all for $5CAD (on a pay what you think it’s worth) scale. Please download a copy, you audiophiles can get everything up to FLAC for cheaps and you’re doing something good for someone exceedingly lovely and brave. This is a case of helping someone out who helps themselves. She’s already taken the initiative to travel to Costa Rica and then America to have treatment for her MS, and now she’s struggling under the weight of the costs. Your money will help her stay out of a care facility as long as possible and have time to rest and heal. She can do that much better at home than in a facility away from her beloved kitties Pita and Pepper. You can find the comp here….Songs for Donna on Bandcamp

Next in line is my new covers album!!! Finally! I am almost finished with it and it’s turning out to be a humdinger let me me tell you!!! I’m covering songs by Ron Sexsmith, Rob Szabo, Paul McCartney, The Lemonheads, Sixpence None the Richer, Henri Mancini, and many more!!! I am very pleased with the sound of this record…it’s stark and lovely and just like something you’d hear at one of my shows. I hope you love it too! I’ll let you all know when it’s ready for downloading. We’re also doing a deal on memory sticks…Steve and my entire back catalog along with video, Steve’s book, and both of our new albums for £25. Here’s a detailed list and the link where you can purchase one for your very own!

Lobelia albums:
040515 [2004]
Solitary World [1999]
(as yet untitled) brand new covers album [2011]

Steve Lawson and Lobelia albums:
Live In Nebraska [2008]
Live So Far [2010]

Steve Lawson albums:
And Nothing But The Bass [2000]
Not Dancing For Chicken [2002]
Grace And Gratitude [2004]
Behind Every Word [2006]
Ten Years On – Live In London [2010]
new solo album (title TBA) [2011]
assorted rarities [various years]
Other albums:
Steve Lawson and Trip Wamsley – Slow Food [2010]
Steve Lawson and Trip Wamsley – Infrablab [2010]
Lawson/Dodds/Wood – Numbers [2008]
Steve Lawson and Jez Carr – Conversations [2002]
Steve Lawson and Theo Travis – For The Love Of Open Spaces [2003]
Steve Lawson and Theo Travis – Live at CB2 (unreleased double live album) [2005]
Steve Lawson and Mike Outram – as-yet-untitled album [2011]

Steve Lawson live in Antwerp (45 mins) [2010]

“Rock And Roll Is Dead” (novel) [2009]
Here’s Steve’s blog on the subject and scroll to the bottom for the pay pal button!

http://Steve’s Blog on Kickstarting without Kickstarted and the Paypal Link for our EVERYTHING Memory Stick

The time has come for us to go off into the wilds of America and play for the masses one house at a time! We’re so excited about seeing everyone again and of course meeting and playing for new lovelies along the way! We’re starting in NY and will be in NJ, PA, OH, WI, NE, TX, LA, TN, NC, VA, WV, GA and who knows where else we’ll end up! 🙂 Email me if you need deets on dates.

Lastly, I have been offered a gig at Greenbelt this year, I’m playing on the Sun. August 28th at the Performance Cafe in the afternoon. Hope to see you there..I’ll have more details as the time draws near. I’m pretty excited to be able to give you a date in advance as the last couple times I’ve played Greenbelt have been rather impromptu and I’ve not been able to give anyone much notice. Check out the amazing lineup at Greenbelt 2011 So see you out there somewhere in the world soon! xoxLo.

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