25% in 30 hours!

Such a lovely and affirming thing to have happen! I never dreamed that I’d see this much engagement and support for my new project this quickly. Thank you all so much. I really feel as if I’m on the right path. At some point I wondered if this project was just self-indulgent, but so many have reached out to say that they’re going through similar experiences, and want and need music in the world that is honest and open about love. Something that isn’t a pity-party, but dealing with heartache from a place of strength, even when your world seems like it’s been changed irrevocably.

The strange bit for me is that relationships can move forward and change in the face of these kinds of issues. Sometimes when your brain tells you to run in the other direction, your heart tells you to stay. Stay and give things a chance to re-evolve. A chance to grow new paths that reroute around the ones that no longer exist, or that you can no longer travel. I’m travelling one of those new paths now. Thanks to so many of you that have held my hand along the way…some who have even shown me the paths that they took to move forward. Much love to you all. xx

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