The ONE!

I’ve been taking some time out to write new material and mix up my live show a bit. Over the past few years with some lovely support from Supro and JHS, I’ve procured a few Supro baritones, and a Surpo Tremo-Verb amp that is honestly the best piece of gear I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had a tube amp that sounds better. My first bari from Supro (the mahogany in djent black) was almost there, but I unded up getting a 2nd one because of my altered tunings on stage. The 2nd was this blue beauty in swamp ash. I no longer want to play anything but this guitar! It’s perfect. I feel bad for my other 2 supros now, but when you know, you know! I’ve just booked 3 residency series at Tower of Song in Birmingham, so check out the details and get down to see the new show…each time with amazing special guests!

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