Darkstone Eyes are Shining

There’s only so many video games one can play in a day or you start to look like this…..

This fine looking male head is courtesy of Kevin Ford.

Today was my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jim! I tried to call but he was out. I wore giant round olive colored earrings today. Whooopeeee yaaaaaahaaaa. Whoooooohoooo. Excitement like this almost never happens. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…


Your replies to this blog are still visible. Actually, we were all fighting over nothing as I was misinformed. W was not even in Montreal…my blame was placed on the wrong person although it was meant more for the amusement of my close friends. I got a new title out of it at the very least. 🙂


The Not Very Smart Misinformed Charlatan Blame Placer

Poached Eggs and Salad Brain

This is my new blog. I visited Emma-Lee and noticed she had this wonderful new blogging service. So please visit her at http://www.emma-lee.com She’s very talented. Buy her album if you are able. It’s well worth your money.

I was supposed to record some music for two very nice ladies today…..and my condenser microphone would not work. I recently dismantled my studio for a recording project with my drummer in the US and some settings were changed. I have two words to say about this…..PHANTOM POWER. I feel pretty stupid for making them reschedule when the fault was all mine. Bad….bad Lobelia. (smack)

So, with the problem solved….I hung out with Mr. Earl.

Went to a wedding on the weekend…The former Ida Paterno…..I’m the freakishly tall one with four eyes.

Noelle is now here and I’m off to make Benedict Florentine to go with my salad brain.