Monthly Residence at the Tower

3 new gigs just announced. A monthly residence for me at the Tower with each monthly gig featuring a super special guest and a very different set for each. These are likely to be the only headlining gigs I do in the UK this year so don’t miss ’em! Click through for more info from facebook or check the gig listings on this page.

May 12th Lobelia and Steve Lawson Live at the Tower!
June 16th Lobelia at the Tower
July 21st Lobelia Lawson Live at the Tower

The ONE!

I’ve been taking some time out to write new material and mix up my live show a bit. Over the past few years with some lovely support from Supro and JHS, I’ve procured a few Supro baritones, and a Surpo Tremo-Verb amp that is honestly the best piece of gear I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had a tube amp that sounds better. My first bari from Supro (the mahogany in djent black) was almost there, but I unded up getting a 2nd one because of my altered tunings on stage. The 2nd was this blue beauty in swamp ash. I no longer want to play anything but this guitar! It’s perfect. I feel bad for my other 2 supros now, but when you know, you know! I’ve just booked 3 residency series at Tower of Song in Birmingham, so check out the details and get down to see the new show…each time with amazing special guests!

Moving Forward – Female Voices

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling to keep up with everything that I’ve got going on personally and professionally. The things that most worry me are gigs that I’ve built over time at the Tower of Song over the last 5 years, particularly Female Voices. I’d been looking for the right person to take over the hosting and organising of that night for over a year, and was so happy to find the amazing Chloe Mogg, who more than fit the remit for the job. I’m so pleased that she’s taken the show and really brought it to life, with a whole new set of amazing female artists. She’s such an amazing songwriter/player in her own right, and the absolute perfect person to head up this wonderful night of song at the Tower. Keep an eye on the TOS site or Chloe’s Facebook page for more info!

New Set Up – Direction!

Excited to be embarking on a new project, going back to my grinding guitar based roots! I’ve bonded with this amazing guitar, a Supro Westbury and got my hands on one a few weeks ago. I got the chance to gig with it on Sunday for the first time using my iTrack Dock running loopy and tonestack through audiobus 2. I controlled all this with my softstep. A seriously lightweight rig, and a great start…can’t wait until it all feels effortless to control everything, a few more gigs and I should be on my way there! I’ll keep you posted.