Crossing over…

So today was the day that my PledgeMusic campaign crossed over into being funded. I’m currently at 104% and still going. It’s an amazing feeling to have almost 150 people invest in this project, to know that I’m sharing these songs with so many of you. Since my campaign goal did not cover the cost of my flights, musicians, or manufacture, all proceeds raised above will go to helping me fund those things as well. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Know that not only are you bringing new art into the world, but you are helping me heal from the events of the last year. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve been a part of in my career, and I love really properly feeling that this is a collaborative effort.

Onwards and upwards! Now lets make a record! xoxoxo

PledgeMusic Campaign at 74%, only 21 CDs left, and Iron Man!

Only 21 CDs Left!

If you want a special edition signed and numbered copy of the new album, there’s only 21 of these left!  RESERVE ONE NOW to avoid disappointment.

My PledgeMusic campaign is now at 74%. Thanks so much for getting me this far! This is only money for the recording/producing fees. I haven’t added in anything for travel, CD duplication, or any other merch. I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to peruse the exclusives and be a part of making some amazing art happen. This album has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to make it and share it with you. Unlike many pledge campaigns, this album is not yet recorded, so you’ll be directly responsible for making it possible.

Like House Concerts? Want to WIN one? I’ve had a lovely Pledger buy a house concert and donate it to be given away to someone who’d like to host it! How amazing is that? To be eligible to win, you need to have pledged £20 or more from the start of the campaign until midnight on October 30th, be located in the UK or one of the specified US Cities/States. States/places that are included in this are: NYC, NJ, PA, WI, WV, OH, MD, VA, KY, TN, LA and Austin or Dallas and obviously WANT to host a house concert! 🙂 Get in there for a chance to win! Pledge today! Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s super easy! You can even use your PayPal account.

Last but not least, here’s a weird little video of my working out harmonies for a brand new duo tune co-written with Rob Szabo. I was in the States for several weeks, saying goodbye to my amazing Mum when this was recorded. In desperate need of something else to do/think about. This whole album is about channeling all the negative stuff that’s happened in the past year into something positive. Into truth, and forgiveness, and new beginnings. Thanks for listening!

25% in 30 hours!

Such a lovely and affirming thing to have happen! I never dreamed that I’d see this much engagement and support for my new project this quickly. Thank you all so much. I really feel as if I’m on the right path. At some point I wondered if this project was just self-indulgent, but so many have reached out to say that they’re going through similar experiences, and want and need music in the world that is honest and open about love. Something that isn’t a pity-party, but dealing with heartache from a place of strength, even when your world seems like it’s been changed irrevocably.

The strange bit for me is that relationships can move forward and change in the face of these kinds of issues. Sometimes when your brain tells you to run in the other direction, your heart tells you to stay. Stay and give things a chance to re-evolve. A chance to grow new paths that reroute around the ones that no longer exist, or that you can no longer travel. I’m travelling one of those new paths now. Thanks to so many of you that have held my hand along the way…some who have even shown me the paths that they took to move forward. Much love to you all. xx

Ouch. Heartbreak. NEW Album! Help me fund my first new studio album in 12 years.

Hi all! Hope this blog finds you well and happy. It’s been a tough year for many. Not only does it seem like the world has gone crazy, but for a time my whole world seemed to as well.

Just goes to show that life is never predictable, unless you foresee unpredictability. Talk all you want, sometimes the ones we love just can’t bring themselves to be honest about how things REALLY are until they don’t even know themselves anymore.

So here I am, loads of new songs in my pocket, all written about the dynamics of love. More than ever I feel the weight of lifelong idealistic notions of what a love relationship is meant to mean pressing on my very being. I’d like to start over with different expectations, different ideals. Redistribute the pressure to different places. That’s where I am with this project.

I’ve resisted doing a kickstarter or pledge campaign until now because most of what I was doing I felt I could make in my own studio. I feel the time has come to make the record of a lifetime, with these songs that I feel represent a lot of people in the world. Love is amazing, love is shit. Loving someone is truly an unpredictable, beautiful ride.

I’ve wanted to make an album with Rob Szabo for years. Not only is he a stunning songwriter and performer, but he captures something in his productions that is true and honest, the very thing these songs need. Intensely personal yet transferable. The way art should be. Here are some examples of some amazing music Rob has produced.

Peter Katz

Ian Sherwood

Beth Moore

Rob’s Own Music

So I’ve gathered together a collection of exclusive merch and experiences that I am offering for your monetary support. All proceeds go to fund the making and production of Love or Something Like It. I’ll be heading out to Toronto at the beginning of November to record with Rob and release date for the album will be February 14. As always thanks for your love and support. My main hope is that these melodies and words that have gotten me through the last 6 months will be a balm to other broken hearts.

More soon! x