Tweedle Dees

Interesting day today. I don’t usually record other people but there is a band in town that does Children’s music and I spent today recording a new CD for them. It’s amazing how you can record a 20 song CD in 2 hours when you have talented one-take wonders in the room. (they were amazing) Been working on the mixdown and mastering this evening…I think it’s sounding great.

Finished all the painting and off to get the furniture tomorrow. Soon I will have a lot more room for making music! Yippeee.

Night sweet world. Sleep tight.

New and Found Photos

Didn’t seem to get much done today…I did take some new shots not only for my site but for the SOTY contest. Checked out Found Photos and saw this shot which is just amazing…..

He/she looks so deep in thought.

Found photos is getting quite a bit of press these days, they had an article on the NY Times. Tomorrow I MUST paint! No more procrastination.

Snowy sleety rainy stuff for your enjoyment.

It was a blah day. I felt it all over. I tried to make myself feel better by wearing my pink star sunglasses given to me by some guy at the Bureau en Gros. Do you believe someone would just give these away? He must have loved them because they were all scratched up. Hmmm…….maybe he took them from a child and was looking to dispose of the evidence.

Do you believe that it’s December 2nd already? That’s insane. It goes so quickly and yet we still continue to act like we have all the time in the world.

Yeah, yeah. Tito, give me a fuckin’ tissue.

Ron Sexsmith Show

Wow. It was a great show last night at the Cabaret. The opening act was Sarah Slean She had a great hour long set despite some equipment troubles. Go to her site and check her out!

Ron was as always great. I think I like him so much because his songwriting is always surprising to me, it’s not predictable and there is a sincerity in his demeanor that just blows me away. He was having a bout with laryngitis but still managed to give a great performance. The guys in his band are amazing and they really seem to all feed off one another. I came away from the show feeling great….went to bed singing “Not About to Lose” and work up singing “Cheap Hotel”. I was hoping to hear that song last night but didn’t. They played it on last years tour so I figured they would not play it this time ’round.

Here are some photos from last night….hard to get a decent pic not using a flash and without a tripod.

Enjoy! Thanks to Elle for being such great company.

Darkstone Eyes are Shining

There’s only so many video games one can play in a day or you start to look like this…..

This fine looking male head is courtesy of Kevin Ford.

Today was my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jim! I tried to call but he was out. I wore giant round olive colored earrings today. Whooopeeee yaaaaaahaaaa. Whoooooohoooo. Excitement like this almost never happens. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…