PledgeMusic Campaign at 74%, only 21 CDs left, and Iron Man!

Only 21 CDs Left!

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My PledgeMusic campaign is now at 74%. Thanks so much for getting me this far! This is only money for the recording/producing fees. I haven’t added in anything for travel, CD duplication, or any other merch. I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to peruse the exclusives and be a part of making some amazing art happen. This album has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to make it and share it with you. Unlike many pledge campaigns, this album is not yet recorded, so you’ll be directly responsible for making it possible.

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Last but not least, here’s a weird little video of my working out harmonies for a brand new duo tune co-written with Rob Szabo. I was in the States for several weeks, saying goodbye to my amazing Mum when this was recorded. In desperate need of something else to do/think about. This whole album is about channeling all the negative stuff that’s happened in the past year into something positive. Into truth, and forgiveness, and new beginnings. Thanks for listening!

January Post Tour Update (House Concerts, NAMM, Fecking Airlines, and the Continuing Sonicbids Saga)

Hi there all!  This’ll be a long one as I’ve got a lot to say.  😀 Hopefully you’re itchin’ fer an update so you won’t be snoozing by the end.  If not, treat each part like a chapter…bookmark my RSS feed and come back every day!
House Concerts and the Like

I know that I’ve been a bad person and haven’t been blogging of late.  Truthfully, I find it hard to be on the web much when I’m on the road.  I just don’t have the constitution for it, and am likely to be more concerned with when/where I might find something I can eat. (I’m endlessly concerned about food when we’re touring)  I have tried to keep you all updated via facebook and twitter…and if you’re following Steve, then none of this matters because you’ll have known our every move for sure as he lives his entire life on the web….well, almost.


So having a tour that was almost exclusively house concerts this year was a blast.  There’s nothing like getting to play to groups of under 40 each night, the connection you can achieve with your audience is astounding.  There’s a real conversational banter that opens up between you and your audience and it makes me realise how much I always hated playing club dates…and why I was always happier playing places like the Yellow Door and Ginglik.  Aside from that, getting to stay somewhere cool each night, rather than some overpriced rat trap with someone else’s hair on the sheets was amazing.  Aside from that, people letting me use their kitchens….personal tours of new cities….and just an all round feeling of welcoming into new/old groups of friends was stunning.  
Thanks to everyone! Here’s some great pics from the shows!

There are way more photos to post and lots more here if you’re interested. Continue reading “January Post Tour Update (House Concerts, NAMM, Fecking Airlines, and the Continuing Sonicbids Saga)”