Featured Artist @ Reverbnation and New Song for Free Download!!!

Who’s that on the front page of reverbnation.com??? WOW!  It’s me!!! You can help me to thank reverbnation by downloading my new tune The Sound of a Breaking Heart…for free!  Just have a listen and then click the download button on the widget below. There’s plenty of other great content on my reverbnation page and lots of free downloads so have a look. And if you’re an artist who hasn’t yet signed up, I’m now giving you a virtual spanking! Thwack! Thanks peeps. x

Jetlag and 20 Random Facts (for you relentless facebookers)

What time is it? My internal body clock has stopped. Not on the one that goes…”hey honey, lets make a baby!” or the one that says..”Don’t you think it’s time to settle down?” but the one that tells me to wake up at 8am every morning and then lets me go back to sleep ’til 11. I usually fly from California, back to the East coast, and then back to the UK. That makes it a lot easier. This year it was the hardcore 10 hour flight from San Francisco over the Canadian wilderness. The real clock says it’s 3:47am, and I just ate some crisps and a larabar. Hellooo breakfast.

Random Facts
I’ve been getting all these requests for random facts about myself on facebook. Why am I acquiescing and doing your bidding? Cause I’m jet lagged and don’t yet have the brain capacity to do some real work. I could barely spell acquiescing. Hell, I could barely spell barely. Continue reading “Jetlag and 20 Random Facts (for you relentless facebookers)”

Loops, Loops, Loops!

Hi lovelies.  So everyone knows that I’m crazy about looping.  I think it’s the most fun one can have outside of hog rasslin’ and whittlin’.  So I thought I’d post a couple of the latest vids in case you haven’t seen them.  Why?  Because I like sharing.  Why else?  Cause I’m in desperate need of your approval.  But seriously, we’re gearing up to do a nice little tutorial video on looping and using the Looperlative, which is the most amazing looper in the universe. Designed and built by one of the coolest and nicest people in the known universe as well.  Do you know what that means?  It means that looping has never been nicer, or more amazing.

So enjoy the videos and as always, speaking for frogs and rutabagas everywhere, I’m Lobelia.  Good day.


This is a new song called The Sound of a Breaking Heart.  I started the looping out on mute….which is a dangerous thing..cause not only you can’t hear what it’s going to sound like…I can’t either!!!  Also, a nice example of what happens when you get an extra beat in the loop live.  You just go with it and point upwards. 😉


This is a song called In, which I wrote for bass and voice when I was 19.  I’d never done it live as it needed to have tonnes of harmonies and what not to work on stage.  And only a short 249 years later Voila!  Modern technology!  

Beware the “Producer”. Talent vs. Marketability in Today’s Mutable Musical Landscape

If I had a dime ( that’s 10 cents for you Engleesh 😉 for all the so called “producers” that have wasted my time in the past then I’d definitely be a hundredaire.  Oh wait!  I AM a hundredaire!

What’s it take to be a producer these days?  Beats the hell out of me.  I guess I’m a producer.  I record my own music and make decisions on what should go where.  I guess I’m also an engineer, a studio musician, a PR person, and a label owner.  Now whether or not I’m any GOOD at any of those jobs remains to be seen.  I know one thing.  I can sing; and I try really hard to be good at it.  I can write; and that’s all I’ve ever really wanted to be since I was 3 years old- a songwriter.

In these days of the breakdown of labels, musicians feeling their way around in the dark, it’s hard to know where to start.  For most of us who have eschewed labels this whole time it’s a bit easier.  We’ve been managing our own careers for years.  It’s still daunting as things have changed so much how do we effectively market ourselves?  Do we go after a small label?  Do we spend money on a producer?  A publicist?  Do we go all digital or still print copies of our CDs?  The answer is YES.  There are no rules here.  You may need to do one or all of these things.  You may decide to put out 4 digital albums recorded in your basement this year and give them all away for free….you may decide to make a really great album in a studio using a producer and market it the old fashioned way.  Different things work for different people.  There is no set market strategy these days.  Whatever you do, make music you can be proud of.  Steve Lawson one said to me that if he makes an album that he loves listening to…even if it doesn’t sell well…what has he lost?  He’s still got a great album he can be PROUD of…and 1000 copies of it to give away as gifts.  Now solo-bass isn’t the most salable of all music endeavors, but it is NICHE.  And niche can be a powerful tool.  There are millions of people out there doing what I do.  It’s a lot easier rise to the top of a small niche market.  That being said, you can have twice the audience in a this kind of environment….the fans AND the players.  Before I started touring with Steve I really didn’t know much about solo bass.  I did own a Stu Hamm cassette back in the early 90’s which I loved. (I’m sorry!) But I knew nothing of Michael Manring or Vic Wooten.  Now I’m surrounded by fantastic solo-bassists all carving out their own subsets of a great niche market and doing quite well.  It’s really a community of great players and people.

If you haven’t already…you need to read through Steve’s blog.  His last big post on remembering not to let your marketing strategy be that influenced by millionaires is brilliant.  Read it here.

So, back to my original rant.  I’ve been contacted by 100’s of producers over the course of my career.  People who were genuinely interested in the tone of my voice.  In my songs.  Then the dreaded meeting.  I’ve been either too young, too old, too tall, not right, not marketable, not blond, not thin enough and on and on….Never a refusal based on them not liking my songs, or my voice.  Granted for the most part, most of the meetings seemed like an interview for a date or a livestock auction, or both.   I had hoped that people would listen to my voice, and close their eyes and listen to a genuine outpouring of my soul.  Perhaps forget that I’m 6 feet tall, a size 14, and no longer 18 years old.  The way it happens when you fall in love.  The little imperfections turn into endearments.  Those are the things that become my favourite part of someone when I love them.  Music is like that for me too.  I love the so called mistakes.  The dropped chord, the cracked voice on a note, the outburst of laughter at a show.  The beauty in being human is what I love about music; it’s what I love about people too.  Because of this, I am haunted by the things I think I should be doing….things that people want me to do.  I need to be innovative, ahead of the curve, or people won’t come to see me or buy my albums.  And this is what it is.  I’m not trying to get famous here, just trying to make enough money to live.  So when you come to see me live, or you buy a cd, it makes it possible for me to keep doing what I’m doing.  Bottom line.  You’re not making me rich, you’re not putting my dog through charm school.  You’re supporting local business at grass roots level.  And that is very, very good indeed. In turn, the biggest gift I can give you in return is to make the best music I can and part of that is making music that is ME.  It doesn’t matter if it’s quirky, uncool or outdated as long as it’s GOOD and it’s something I can be proud of.  That’s all I want to do.

It’s never all bad. I’ve worked with some great people too.  Producers and engineers that have turned into lifelong friends.  They make up for all the wasted time, all the bogus physical assessment.  I hope as the independent musician continues to manage their own career in this very exciting future, that we’ll see more and more of what has been hidden from us in the past by people pushing marketability.  Beautiful voices and beautiful songs that don’t need to be attached to something pretty.  Maybe then people will stop trying to make themselves into something they’re not.  Maybe then we can all just concentrate on making music.  Can you tell I’m an idealist?  xo

The Waiting

Hi there All! Played a really nice gig last night at The Waiting with Robert Logan.…what amazing loop-bassed ambient IDM he makes. So lovely. I’m hoping to work with him a bit in the future on some of my crazy new a capella loopy vocal goodness. Please check him out!

Here’s a pic of us from last night…being slightly rubbish but having a great time! 🙂